Gold Capped


As Warlords progresses I find that my gold pile keeps getting larger, I recently reached 400k gold in total: a new record for myself. This is a new experience for me, I remember running around wintergrasp farming ore for hours in an attempt to buy the fast flying upgrade or just to afford flasks and food for that nights raid! (I still have the ‘perfect’ route ingrained in my memory).

I have experimented in a few markets this expansion, first I tried the transmog market but I find it very slow and with the salvage yard providing so many items there is a lot of competition – I made very little profit overall here, plus there is the added temptation to keep some of the better looking items!

Blade of Wizardry1

The market for profession armour and weapons appears to be slowing down now, although I have yet to create a fully upgraded item which may have more appeal, especially to alts. Also on my realm gems and enchants have dropped in value big time so it has become important to post at times of high demand, such as reset day and evenings when guilds tend to raid; yet they still provide a steady stream of gold!

My area of most sucess has been mounts, I try to list one of each of the profession mounts and it tends to provide a steady stream of income. As the expansion has progressed I have noticed this market has become very competitive, constant undercuts and prices crashing so at times profit margins can be small.


I have yet to really experiment in the pet market but as I have levelled a few pets now it seems like it could be profitable. The garrison missions provide a nice little income daily; hopefully I will gold cap this expansion! How is everyone else finding this expansion?

Thanks for reading!


Divine Storm!


Another clearance of blackrock normal last night it’s great fun with the ilevel boost and tier bonus! I’m using divine purpose and final verdict so the amount of procs is unreal, combined with the holy power generation from the tier I constantly have a button to press!

I am getting very close to collecting all the runestones I need only 50 more to get and then I will have my 715 ring so it’s all looking positive!

Killed Flamebender heroic again last night to use a bonus roll, got so excited when I seen I was getting an item – plate legs. Where is my weapon Blizzard!?

Hopefully have some more updates after the weekend, still have a chance for a weapon from the train station! 🙂

Blast it!


So we have been raiding steadily these past few weeks now and have progressed well through Blackrock, I guess we have hit our next wall – The Blast Furnace. At least Iron Maiden’s seemed to go down pretty easy once you get the final phase worked out, them turrets really hurt!

It’s interesting to see blizzard are planning to up all the Blackrock items by 5 item levels, this might make things a lot easier and from the look of things its going live. (

I’ve had a good couple of weeks myself playing and not posting blogs, I’ve got the four set bonus for my paladin which is great; but where is my weapon drop? Our Prot pally got the Flamebender sword as a bonus roll tonight /cry, my hopes now lie with Thorgar and if we really do well Blackhand, otherwise there is always next lockout!

I gave Furnace and Blackhand many tries with pugs during the last week, both seemed to be very challenging with scaling issues also which is annoying to see but as some players in my guild have already downed them I can see its more than possible!

Oh and I coughed up the gold for this bad boy – Happy Gaming! 🙂

yeti mount

The Grind is Real!

So this week again we have downed 8/10, we made great progress on Iron Maiden’s getting to the last phase! I am still chasing a weapon drop, Flamebender and Thorgar are refusing This week!


I will miss our raid tonight, a pity since I’m confident we will down the Maiden’s tonight and have a shot at Blackhand. In 6.1 there would appear to have been a nerf to Hammer of Wrath so I gave Empowered Seals a Blast, on single target I found a dps increase however it takes a lot more micro-management!

I’m still grinding away on my alts, it’s becoming quite monotonous using all my crafting cooldowns and clearing my garrison mine and garden! It seems pretty difficult to gear up my monk with which I’m clearing LFR and highmaul normal, hopefully start heroic next week!

TSM, Gold Machine?

There is a huge amount of add-ons for wow and they can really improve the information you receive and improve your gameplay in my opinion. I use quite a few and manage them through the curse client, which generally helps keep them up-to-date easily, my most used add-on is Tradeskillmaster (TSM). TSM is an auctioning add-on which has a whole range of utilities, many of these can be added on to the core version.


I use it primarily to manage my auctions, it allows me to group my items into auction groups with specific sale prices, check quickly if my auctions have been undercut and tracks the sale of items and profit made. Another useful feature of this add-on is the disenchant and vendor price options which will search the auction house (AH) for items under vendor price that you can vendor for profit or items which can be disenchanted and sold for profit.

A valuable feature I have been recently been experimenting with is that of TSM sniper, this allows the player to select items they wish to buy and the percentage under the market price they wish to pay for it, it then scans the AH’s recently posted and auctions about to run out for the specified items! Using this tool with a bit of luck can provide huge profits, especially on items that are popular for transmog, I have made a small amount doing this!


Finally, there is a desktop app provided by the TSM website which updates the AH data every 30 minutes, this is great for keeping track of the value of items and how many sell daily!

It’s all about the gold!


So we are steadily progressing through warlords and I am now sitting with 3 level 100 characters and 2 on their way, this gives me plenty of professions and garrisons to utilise and I’m loving it! My purse has rose from 50k to 400k this expansion, with very little effort.

A major contribution to this is the profession system in Warlords, when I dirst read about the changes it didn’t look good, Jewelcrafting was my main market in Mists and that was practically gone – but not quite. On my realm Enchanting is quite profitable at this time, for that reason all my characters have an enchanting hut, generating crystals each day the only profession I am missing is leatherworking so its possible for me to sell items across all markets nearly.

This coupled with smart posting, knowing that gems and enchants can go from 1k each to 2k on reset, on patch days sales tend to go way up and reading up patch notes for significant changes to items or new recipes allows me to maximise profits!

Thanks for reading!

Jumped the Hurdle!

So I guess clearing normal has paid off in the long run for us, in one night we have went from 3/10 cleared to 7/10 heroic Blackrock! It was great getting the bosses down, I think Flamebender kill really helped boost spirits after wiping each week and getting so close. So with the dawn of the S.E.L.F.I.E. camera there is obviously going to be some photos to share. 🙂

kromog selfie

No loot for me this week, GIVE ME YOUR SWORD FLAMEBENDER – six bonus rolls and not a thing! But I got my mythic Highmaul cache  which contained the mythic back from twins with a socket so a great upgrade for ret! I also pugged mythic Kargath which was quite easy to down and we gave twins a bash, but it was late so people started leaving.

I’ve been busy on my monk also, after hitting level 100 i have been running heroics and now LFR. it’s an interesting class to learn so hopefully as I get more gear and see how other monks are playing I will improve!

monk fly

I was reading today that Blizzard are introducing a method to buy game time for ingame gold, this will be interesting to see. I’m guessing there will be plenty of discussion about what this will do to WoW’s economy but in every game I have seen it implemented there has been no real issues, It also has positives such as reducing the gold market for bots and encouraging people to play the game (source: ).

Thanks for reading, hopefully more progress this week, we now have to down Iron Maiden’s, Blast Furnace and Blackhand on Heroic!